Take Only Memories Leave Only Footprints


Photo: Jana Jacobsen, taken on one of out hikes one early winter morning.

There is this saying ‘Take only memories leave only footprints’, it’s a very real dilemma that a lot of travelers run into. As tourism grows in the Faroes the more we need to protect the nature we are guests in.

We at Slóð very often bring you to our ‘secret’ places where there are a lot of natural resources, such as edible plants and plants used for medicine and we want to show you all of it and let you taste all of it. But it’s important to keep these as just tasters, we sometimes get asked if our guests can take with them home rare succulens and heaps of edible plants for their salads at their cozy Airbnb’s when they get home. And even though we want our guests to have the best experience we possibly can give them, we unfortunately can’t allow the amazing nature we live in to be exterminated for these rare sights. We love the Faroe Islands, and it’s the love of the land that fuels us, and to share that with our guests is truly giving and meaningful for us.


‘Bad’ Weather Sometimes Makes for Dramatic Photos


You’d be amazed how often the best photos are taken on the worst days. It’s like the landscape becomes alive in the tempramental wind and rain. It’s like our mothers use to say. There’s nothing wrong with the weather, there is something wrong with your clothes.

The beginning


This is it. A new beginning….

After having worked in tourism for years, we (Annika and Jana) have decided to start on our own. The idea started over a couple of beers one night, and although it has taken it’s time we have eventually ended up at a place where we can start taking bookings!

The reason we have decided to embark on this journey is simply that experience has told us that dealing with people on holiday is easy. They’re on holiday, of course they’re happy! Doing this would allow us to be surrounded by happy people whilst doing the things we love. Sounds like the perfect job, doesn’t it?

So what is it exactly we are planning on doing, you might ask? Well it goes like this:

We are both born and raised on the island of Vágar. This was in a time before the internet, so whilst growing up, we actually spent a lot of time OUTSIDE (I know, it’s crazy!) This has provided us with a vast amount of knowledge about our local area, and that’s what we are now going to share with you.

Working in the tourism industry, we have found that there are two places in particular, that people ask about when they come to Vágar, so our first idea was of course to incorporate these two places into one tour. Want to know what the two places are? well you are simply going to have to start browsing our site, to find information on our tours…

The second idea was to simply include visitors on our Friday adventures. Basically, we meet up at 5pm on a Friday with a beer and some snacks (faroese snaks of course) and go wherever the we feel like. What we usually feel like, you might ask? Well in the past that has been anything from a picnic blanket on the hillside set up with fine china to a boat and a fishing rod. If the season and weather are right, we have even been found singing loudly in the middle of nowhere under the northern lights. Though, this would mean postponing the tour a little bit, but if you have read this far I’m sure you are feeling at least a little bit rebellious, and wouldn’t let a trivial thing like time stop you from having fun!

On top of that, we are more than happy to tailor a tour to fit exactly what you want, so feel free to write to us about absolutely ANYTHING you would like to do on Vágar.

Well it’s about time we get started…

Over and Out!